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Skye our cute yet cheeky pony

Updated: May 5, 2022

This is Skye, she is our favourite cheeky pony. Skye is 7 years old. We got Skye from the RSPCA when she was two. Not much is known about her past yet she was very fearful of everything and everyone.

We are so very proud of how far she has come along with her behaviour and riding skills.

Skyes likes.

FOOD is number one for this girl followed by treats then nibbles and not forgetting snacks.

Jumping and galloping with her friends is always great fun.

Being groomed, Skye will stand still for hours to be fussed over.

Skyes dislikes.

having to get up in the morning after a long night of eating grass is a struggle.

The electric fence as it stops her from eating too much grass.


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