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Bush Farm the now and the then


Welcome to Bush Farm, a rural pocket of land at Fryent Country Park, a remnant of the old farmstead.  Horses have been kept here over many years and are a popular attraction for the diverse communities who visit the park. One of London’s hidden secrets, the Farm offers a place to escape from busy city life and connect with nature. 

We want to develop  Bush Farm as a community asset – involving local people and building towards a shared facility for all to enjoy and learn – a place to connect with nature and our rural past. The variety of outdoor spaces and the barn have the potential to become an important community resource, shaped by the people who use it and working in collaboration with local organisations and groups to deliver a range of new activities.

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Bush Farms Past

Fryent county park has heaps of heaps of delightful history and has been documented by Wembley History Society member, Philip Grant. Here are the links to find out more.

In these articles you will find out what the fields were used as, the old farm house and orchard. Also very exiting, we have recently found out about Point to point horse racing held at Bush Farm.

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